Worthing RUNFEST Starts:

Event heat contingencies and tips

Hello runner, Race Director Tom Bedford here.

Thank you for your patience. We’ve been working hard on heat and water contingencies for this weekend. Thank you to all our runners and supporters on social media and the many people who have contacted us with great ideas and suggestions. Despite many of these ideas being great, there is always knock on effects to any changes we make, so we have had to consider not only ALL the runners but also the 500+ volunteers and staff putting the event together.

Due to public transport, volunteer availability and the course changes required from the marathon to the half, ALL RACES will start at their original times. Without our amazing volunteers the race cannot happen and the earlier start time would put the whole event in jeopardy. We cannot allow our runners to tow the start line without an adequate amount of volunteers ensuring the well-being of all those involved. We have received professional medical advice, and along with the measures and guidance detailed below, these elements are likely to have a greater affect on your race and your reaction to the heat, than an earlier start time.

If any of our half or full marathon runners wish to drop down into our Richmond 10K event on the Saturday 9th September (8.30am start) you can do this without any inconvenience. Use the same race number you have been sent and please follow the half marathon instructions.

If any of our marathon runners wish to drop down into our Richmond Half Marathon event on the Sunday 10th September (9.15am start) you can do this without any transfer fee. Use the same race number you have been sent and please follow the half marathon final instructions that have already been sent to you or click here. We believe we have enough half marathon medals but if we feel this becomes a problem we are going to prioritise a half marathon medal to half marathon runners race bibs. Every runner will get a medal though.


New Measures we have put in place for Hot Weather during the event are as follows:

– Increasing the amount of water available at each of the aid stations to allow for 2 cups per runner (specifically: 520ml per runner for 10k runners, 1,110ml per runner for Half Marathon runners and 2,410ml per runner for Marathon runners)
– Water in 500ml bottles at 10 miles (half) or 23 miles (full) to allow runners to carry water for longer
– Increased medical cover on the course,

– Medical Hub points along the course, please stop if you are feeling unwell & speak to our medical team
– Half Marathon mist showers at  6.4, 11.5miles and 12 miles & Marathon mist showers 7.75miles, 24.5miles and 25.5 miles
– More tables at aid stations – allows runners to slow down, help themselves to water to drink and water to douse while not feeling rushed

– Hat dunking buckets will be available on the course to allow runners to stop and wet any items they wish.

– Pre start water station – fill any bottles before you start. Either go into the orangery in Kew Gardens or by the portable toilets.

– Post race shower and free water bottle refill tap near orange info tent at the finish festival.


Hot Weather Guidance – pre event

– Stay hydrated this week
– Limit alcohol drunk the night before – this dehydrates you
– Practice running with a bottle


Hot weather guidance – pre start

– Wear lightweight, loose clothing and a hat
– Wear light coloured clothing
– Drink water little and often on race morning from when you wake up
– Eat a good breakfast
– Fill your bottle before you start
– Talk to our medical team at the start if you are worried or unsure


Hot Weather guidance – during the race

– Take your time at the aid stations
– Pace yourself, this is not PB weather – enjoy it!
– Drink water when you are thirsty
– Stop if you are not feeling well – talk to our marshals, aid station teams or medical teams
– Look after yourself and your fellow runners – we all want you to get to the finish safely


Hot weather guidance – post race

– Hydrate – continue to drink water little and often
– Find shade – get out the hot sun
– Refuel – get some good nutrients in you
– Relax with friends and family
– Continue to ask for help if you suddenly feel unwell

For more information regarding minimising the effects of the heat, please find the following articles below.

Above all else, listen to your body! We are more than happy for you to drop down distance but we want you healthy and enjoying the post-race festival we have planned for you!

Good luck!

How to Run a Marathon in the Heat