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Staff event questions & Maps Kew The Run

Where can I find Final instructions?

They’re on the website but here they are…




What is the event that is taking place?

Saturday 8.30 start – This is the gofundme Kew Gardens 10k

Sunday 8.30 start – This is the gofundme Kew Gardens Half Marathon

Do I need to do anything on the day?

If you have collected your race pack from Sporting Feet in Richmond you are all ready to go, if not head to the white tents outside Elizabeth Gate and collect your race pack from there.

I have forgotten or lost my running number

No worries – just head over to our information tent at Elizabeth Gate and they will sort you out with a new race number

Where can I leave my bag?

The bag drop is on the Great Lawn, follow signs for the Event Village and you will see the baggage tents when you get there. Remember to pick up your bag after the race before you leave.

Where is the start line?

Saturday – The start line for the 10K (Saturday) is at Palm House, it is about a 5 minute walk from the Event Village. Make sure leave plenty of time to get there – we will have an announcement to let you know when to walk down.

Sunday – The start line is at the top of the broad walk by the orangery.

Where is the finish line?

The finish line for the 10k is next to the Great Lawn and the Event Village.

The finish line for the half marathon is in Brentford Car Park.

Where can I meet my family?

If your family has come to join you at the 10k then the best place to meet them after the race is in the Event Village where you can relax at our picnic and enjoy some music from Basement Doors. If your family is joining you for the Half Marathon, they must make sure to collect their wristband from our information team to allow them out to the finish line to watch you finish and then back into the gardens to celebrate.

Where is the best place to watch?

10K, see map below.

There is a few places on the route that you can watch your runners. We recommend watching them at the start at Palm House, then walk to five ways and see them at 5km before walking back to the event village and seeing them at the finish line. Please always listen to our marshals when crossing the race route.

I am volunteering on the day – where do I sign in?

The sign-in briefing time and location for all volunteers the volunteer desk at Elizabeth Gate. From here they will be directed where to meet their team leader.

Can I register to run on the day?

No unfortunately not – there is a capacity on each event due to the event taking place inside Kew Gardens. Due to the demand of the event, it has sold out. Entries for next year will be opening soon but, we also have another event in September.

Where does the course go?

The Kew Gardens 10k course is fully contained inside the gardens. The Kew Gardens Half Marathon starts in Kew Gardens for 5.5 miles and then heads on the tow path to Ham House and finishes back at Kew Gardens.

Where can I get water?

There is a water station at 5.5km on the 10k route and canned water is provided at the finish line. For the Half Marathon there is water at 5 miles, 7 miles, 9 miles and 11 miles as well as maurten, a carbohydrate drink, at 9 miles.

Where are the toilets?

There is toilets in Lower Nursery at the event village for before and after the race. On the 10k course there are toilets at 2.5km, 6.5km and 8km. On the Half Marathon route there is toilets at 0.8 Miles, 3 Miles, 4 Miles, 5.5 Miles, 7 Miles, 9 Miles, 10 Miles, 11 Miles and the finish. Please do not use public places such as any of the trees or bushes.

Can I discard/leave anything at the start line?

Sadly, we cannot accept any clothing that you leave at the start line, we kindly ask you leave everything at the bag drop that you do not want to run with. Anything that goes to the start line with you should make it to the finish line or directly into a bin.

I have a complaint / I would like to give feedback / How can I contact the organisers?

As an event we do encourage feedback, we kindly ask all participants to drop as an email at with any feedback, positive or negative. We also kindly ask that runners remember that many of the people that you see at the event are volunteers. If there is a pressing matter, marshals and stewards at the event will be able to contact event control who can reach the organisers directly.

Lost property

Please visit the information desk to report any missing or found items. You can also contact the customer service team at where we will do our best to get items back to you.

How do I purchase official race photos?

To purchase official race photo, please go to my mybibnumber . We will be sending out an email after the event with a link and info on this.

How do I purchase medal insert?

Go to the merchandise shop on

Is there a way to track participants?

We do not have live tracking at this event, however results are posted shortly after the race and will be available at 

What time do the gardens open?

The public are let into Kew Gardens at 11am

Is the children garden open?

Yes, the Childers garden is open and it’s exclusively for runners families until 11am.

When is the next Kew Gardens event?

9th September there is a 10k. 10th September is Richmond Half Marathon and full marathon. Visit .






Any community event like us cannot happen without the help of volunteers. Volunteer posts vary in time so even if you have a couple of hours to offer we would love to have you! Click here for more information and to sign up.

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