Richmond RUNFEST Starts:

Richmond 10K landmarks

Check out the many landmarks and points of interest on the Richmond 10k course inside Kew Gardens.

The Broad Walk – Start

Just over 300 meters long, the broadwalk offers an adventure for the sense – with fresh fragrances, dazzling flowers beds and feathery grasses in a joyful display that evolves with the seasons.

Palm House

Palm House – 1KM & 8KM

Palm House is a remarkable indoor rainforest, home to tropical plants from some of the most threatened environments in the world. Many plants in this collection are endangered in the wild, some even extinct.

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage – 3KM

The cottage was built as a country retreat, used by the Royal family in the late 18th for resting and taking tea during walks in the gardens. Many exotic animals were kept in the paddocks, including cattle, tigers and even kangaroos.

The Great Pagoda – 6KM

Kew’s Pagoda was created in 1762 as a gift for Princess Augusta, the founder of the gardens. The structure has had withstood a lot of adversity in it’s time. During the second world war British bombers used the Pagoda as target practice, repair holes are still visible today.


The Temperate House – 7KM

Filled with 10,00 individual plants, this vast collection may help us find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues, from climate change to loss of biodiversity or food security.

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden – 9KM

In Georgian times, the Kitchen Garden supplied members of the royal family living in Kew Palace. Today, the fruit and vegetables from the garden are used in Kew’s restaurant. Also, more unusual and experimental crops are grown in the gardens, as they may become an important source of food for the future as the climate becomes more unpredictable.

The Hive – 9KM

A visual tribute to Britain honeybees, surrounded by wildflowers, celebrating the environment that real bees need to thrive. The Hive’s mesh frame is constructed from 170,000 aluminium parts and 1,000 LED lights.

Kew Palace – 9.8KM

The Palace is the smallest and most intimate of the Royal Palaces. Built by Samuel Fortrey, a Dutch merchant, in 1631. Fortrey’s initial’s, along with his wife’s Catherine can be seen above the entrance, still to this day. King George III, Queen Charlotte and their 15 children used the Palace as a summer home for many years.

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